Sunday, July 27, 2014

One Year Later!...

Its one year and one week today since we closed and moved into our home. We really love our home and the choices we made. We have been very busy with painting and adding our touches to make it ours. All rooms have been custom painted and curtains hung. Our 30 days fixes were partially completed last month (sad) and we are not letting any of that ruin our fun or joy. We did not get a finished basement but have been working on it with a contractor for the last 7 months.  So far the basement has been dry walled and finished/sanded and waiting for painting. We made use of  the entire space 1600sqft in the basement  and came up with our own partitions which gave us room for the media room, gym room, full bathroom, kids play room, bed room, living/dining area and kitchen/bar.  We have been busy with the landscape/outside work as well. Here are few pictures for now…

custom mantle/fireplace surround in family room
family room
morning room
family room

sun room

family room
basement living room/kitchen
powder room remodeled

powder room
trim in foyer
looking into the living room
sun room
looking into basement family room from media room/kitchen is on the left
basement hallway and kids play room on left
basement bathroom
family room curtains wife made
family room


  1. WOW, looks BEAUTIFUL!!! My favorite is the powder room makeover!


  2. Thank you, its one of our favorites.

  3. WOW no nice! We are also doing the basement ourselves, we got a gameroom, bar area, laundry room and a full bath. Drywall starts next week. Of course we are spending more than we ever thought, we have completely done it ourselves except for the drywall. I feel like we never stop though, we love a project :)

  4. Thank you, dw. We have spent more than we thought as well, but we are happy with how everything turned out. We had to hire professionals to do the plumbing, electrical and duct work. The basement took about 600 pieces of 2 x4's and 188 sheets of drywall/sheetrock. We didn't realize how big the basement is at first, but we are very happy we did the work on our own. The builder was only going to finish less than half of the basement for 30k and so far we've used subs working for the builder and spent a fraction of that amount and all we have left is painting, doors, trim and carpeting.